Designing Your Life is the New York Times best-selling book based on the methodology that Bill Burnett and Dave Evans developed, and is taught in a class of the same name at Stanford University. Dave and Bill co-founded and serve on the team for the Stanford Life Design Lab, which uses life design principles (and the DYL book) to train Universities around the world to build Life Design programs.

The Designing Your Life Coach Certification was designed for life and career coaches, career counselors, human resource professionals and mental health professionals who are interested in adding the DYL ideas, tools, and exercises to their practice.

Why I have found the DYL Framework to be hopeful for my clients:

DYL activities are hands-on and promote visualization, imagination, and creativity. They encourage you to think outside of what you believe is possible while also encouraging you to figure out the next best step. I’m a big fan of breaking down lofty goals into small steps. The DYL framework manages to help people create a big life vision and plan and also makes it easy to outline and work towards the smaller incremental changes that lead you to that big vision.

Here’s what a DYL coaching engagement might look like:

  • We set up a 30-minute exploratory call so that I can learn more about your goals and you can learn a bit more about my approach.
  • I make a recommendation based on what we’ve discussed for how we might work together, incorporating the DYL framework and tools.
  • You provide your feedback on that plan and once we have a plan in place, we can determine how many sessions you might need to help you get started

Schedule a Designing Your Life Coaching Session

The goal of my DYL engagements (like all of my 1:1 coaching engagements) is to help empower you with the tools, resources, and knowledge you can apply as you need to any part of your life. 

  • This particular offering is not designed to be an ongoing engagement. Typically clients opt for a 6 – 8 session package (sessions are 1 hour) and they walk away with new tools and the knowledge of how to apply them to their work lives.
  • You might want to explore DYL coaching if:
    • You’re feeling unfulfilled with your current role/ what you do for work.
    • You’re feeling stuck in your career.
    • You’re ready for a change in career but not sure what you want to do.
    • You know what type of work interests you, but are not sure how to turn it into a fulfilling career.