The Enneagram is an archetypal model of a  personality typing system with its roots in spiritual traditions. It has evolved into a widely used tool for self-discovery and personal growth. The Enneagram maps nine distinct personality types, each representing a unique worldview and behavioral pattern based on underlying motivations, desires, and fears that drive each Type’s behavior. 

The Assessment

The Enneagram delves into the core beliefs and unconscious patterns that shape how we interact with and perceive the world. It aims to help you understand yourself and others beyond observable behaviors. 

The assessment, administered by various providers, consists of a number of questions that aim to uncover your natural patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

I am a certified Enneagram practitioner through Integrative 9 (iEQ9), and I prefer to use their assessment because I have found their reports to be the most reliable and helpful for my clients.  

iEQ9’s assessment has been designed and scientifically developed as an integrated Enneagram that combines the wisdom of the rich model of the nine Enneagram Types with the modern integral theory, developed by Ken Wilber.

Over the past 12 years, iEQ9 has refined their test, based on scientific validation and client feedback, to get to a +95% accuracy.

The Results

The reports you receive after taking the test can provide valuable insights into the healthy and unhealthy expressions of each type, and how you can leverage your results for personal development. Working with a coach is beneficial so that you can explore how to interpret and apply the knowledge gained from these reports to everyday situations to help you achieve your goals. 

The Impact

Individuals who use Enneagram as a personal development tool can gain insight into underlying motivations that result in specific behavioral patterns. Raising self-awareness at this level can help you show up more intentionally for the people in your life and for your career. 

Like other psychometric assessments, the Enneagram is a great tool for teams to develop a shared language and way of understanding one another. It helps build empathy between individuals and an understanding of how to best communicate and collaborate with your teammates. 

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Schedule an Enneagram Coaching session

An Enneagram Coaching session with me covers:

  • the cost of the assessment 
  • a 60-minute initial session to dive into your results, come up with a personal development plan to leverage your results in reaching your goals 
  • A 30-minute follow-up session and additional resources to help support your ongoing effort towards continued development
  • A customized list of Enneagram-based resources and tools to support your goals

Note: Taking any psychometric assessment for self or team development is just a starting point. The results should be used to facilitate rich discussions that help raise self and other awareness, and increase acceptance, understanding, and empathy. 

I don’t believe these results are meant to put people in boxes. Instead, they give us a unique lens into the worldview of another. This can be a powerful tool to bridge gaps in understanding and build positive working relationships with others.